Josie and the Pussycats: 1970-1971Edit

Title Original airdate Prod. code
1 "The Nemo's a No-No Affair" September 12, 1970 (1970-09-12) 51-1
The gang runs into the latter-day Captain Nemo while on their way to a musical gig on Pago Pago Island.
2 "A Greenthumb Is Not a Goldfinger" September 19, 1970 (1970-09-19) 51-2
The Pussycats encounter an evil botanist and his man-eating plants, and headhunters in the Amazon jungle after Alexandra tricks the gang aboard the wrong plane in an attempt to keep Josie from accompanying the group to Nashville.
3 "The Secret Six Secret" September 26, 1970 (1970-09-26) 51-3
The gang mistakenly enters the lair of a sinister organization which plans to replace an Indian leader with a member of its own using a potion that can reconstruct faces.
4 "Swap Plot Flop" October 3, 1970 (1970-10-03) 51-6
Valerie bears an uncanny resemblance to an abducted Arabian princess, and becomes involved in a plan to catch her kidnapper, a hypnotist called the Evil Eye.
5 "Midas Mix-Up" October 10, 1970 (1970-10-10) 51-5
While skiing in the Alps, the gang ends up in the clutches of a baron called Midas, who plans to destroy the world's entire supply of gold unless half of it is given to him.
6 "X Marks the Spot" October 17, 1970 (1970-10-17) 51-7
The gang teams up with Professor Isaac Belfour, creator of the invisible potion, to stop his deceitful, and invisible, partner from secretly stealing confidential information.
7 "Chili Today and Hot Tamale" October 24, 1970 (1970-10-24) 51-4
In Mexico, the gang becomes involved in the scheme of a nuclear engineer when capsules for a weather-control device are secretly stored in Melody's drum.
8 "Never Mind a Master Mind" October 31, 1970 (1970-10-31) 51-8
Melody innocently buys new shoes in Holland, unaware they contain a message for a spy sent to stop a criminal without a face.
9 "Plateau of the Apes Plot" November 7, 1970 (1970-11-07) 51-9
The gang's plane makes an emergency landing in a jungle inhabited by dinosaurs and bipedal apes, all under the control of a mad scientist. Alexander is transformed into the bipedal ape, so it's up to the rest of the gang to stop the scientist and save Alexander before it's too late. Reference to Planet of the Apes and in the same year of its first sequel.
10 "Strangemoon Over Miami" November 14, 1970 (1970-11-14) 51-11
The gang's hot air balloon is set loose, and ends up on the island of Dr. Strangemoon, a scientist who plans to launch missiles that will devastate the Earth's atmosphere.
11 "All Wong in Hong Kong" November 21, 1970 (1970-11-21) 51-10
Alexandra and Melody run into the Serpent, a toymaker with plans to rule Asia with an odd coin, on a ferry in Hong Kong.
12 "Melody Memory Mix-Up" November 28, 1970 (1970-11-28) 51-13
The gang is pursued by the Hawk when confidential information is transferred from a tape recorder to Melody's memory.
13 "The Great Pussycat Chase" December 5, 1970 (1970-12-05) 51-12
The gang is entrusted with a mysterious black box, and are told to protect it from a criminal known as the Shadow, who pursues them in a cat-and-mouse chase around the world.
14 "Spy School Spoof" December 12, 1970 (1970-12-12) 51-14
A mix-up in the mail leads the gang to New York City to receive plans for a top-secret device, which are stolen, along with the gang, by the Lazer.
15 "The Jumpin' Jupiter Affair" December 19, 1970 (1970-12-19) 51-15
The gang encounters an alien spaceship led by a ruthless alien named Zor, who forces the gang and the local natives to work in a diamond mine.
16 "Don't Count on a Countess" January 2, 1971 (1971-01-02) 51-16
The gang is tricked by an evil countess onto a ship that is driven to her secluded island, where she plans to use them as guinea pigs for her rapid aging mist.

Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space: 1972Edit

Title Original airdate Prod. code
JPO-1 "Where's Josie?" September 9, 1972 (1972-09-09) 60-1
Finding themselves lost in space aboard a space ship, the Pussycats land on planetoid Zelc and encounter a creature named Bleep. At the same time, Josie is kidnapped by an alien named Karnak, a deposed ruler who is intent on reconquering the populace of Zelc.
JPO-2 "Make Way for the Multi-Men" September 16, 1972 (1972-09-16) 60-2
The Pussycats land on a planet of cat people and quickly learn that the planet's queen is being held by the robot Menton. Can the Pussycats save the queen from the robot's clutches?
JPO-3 "The Sleeping Planet" September 23, 1972 (1972-09-23) 60-3
The Pussycats land on the planet Arcobia where they try to help expose the corrupt prime minister Rulo as the true thief of a device that is very important to the planet.
JPO-4 "Alien Alan" September 30, 1972 (1972-09-30) 60-4
The Pussycats encounter a planet heavily devoted to magnets. While on the planet, Alan is brainwashed to serve the ruler Magno and only the Pussycats can save him.
JPO-5 "The Water Planet" October 7, 1972 (1972-10-07) 60-5
On a water planet, the Pussycats' ship is hijacked by locals intent on conquering Earth with a water-controlling device.
JPO-6 "The Sun Haters" October 14, 1972 (1972-10-14) 60-6
Josie and the gang encounter a race of giants on a planet that has developed a fluid capable of extinguishing the sun completely. Can the Pussycats stop them from carrying out their plan?
JPO-7 "The Mini-Man Menace" October 21, 1972 (1972-10-21) 60-7
The Pussycats are shanghaied by robots and forced to journey to a planet ruled by the ambitious villain Mitchko.
JPO-8 "The Space Pirates" October 28, 1972 (1972-10-28) 60-8
The Pussycat's ship is seized by robot pirates under the command of Captain Braggo. Braggo intends to use the ship as a vessel in his pirate fleet to loot and plunder ships and planets he comes across.
JPO-9 "Anything You Can Zoo" November 4, 1972 (1972-11-04) 60-9
The ship containing the Pussycats lands on a planet Kalex and Josie and the gang quickly find themselves unwilling parts of a circus run by frog-men of Kalex. The ruler Throg plans an attack on Earth and only Josie and her friends can stop him.
JPO-10 "Now You See Them, Now You Don't" November 11, 1972 (1972-11-11) 60-10
The Pussycats encounter aliens who can seemingly become invisible at will. Josie and the others are baffled as to how to stop the aliens until Melody acquires the same ability as the aliens by chewing bubble gum.
JPO-11 "The Four-Eyed Dragon of Cygnon" November 18, 1972 (1972-11-18) 60-11
The Pussycats encounter two aliens, who attempt to convince Josie and the gang into helping them a dragon that is menacing them. Can the Pussycats figure out who is the true menace before it's too late?
JPO-12 "The Forward Backward People of Xarock" November 25, 1972 (1972-11-25) 60-12
Josie and the gang meet Tyran, whose weapon causes everything it zaps to go backward.
JPO-13 "The Hollow Planet" December 2, 1972 (1972-12-02) 60-13
Aliens that reside on a ship that resembles a planet plan to enslave others by using a ray that turns the victims into children. Can Josie and the Pussycats stop them?
JPO-14 "All Hail Goddess Melody" December 9, 1972 (1972-12-09) 60-14
The Pussycats land on the planet Gezzner and are very surprised to find the natives hailing Melody as their goddess due to her similarity to images they have.
JPO-15 "Outer Space Ark" December 16, 1972 (1972-12-16) 60-15
The group thwarts a power plot by mad scientist Arkapus, who by means of a sonic transmitter has trained the local animals for conquest.
JPO-16 "Warrior Women of Amazonia" December 30, 1972 (1972-12-30) 60-16
Josie and the gang see flashes and decide to head toward them, only to be captured by Merla and her Amazon warriors on a planet where only women rule. Merla then uses mind control rings to add the girls to her army and it's up to Alexander and Alan to escape and free them as well.